Versatile Display System for Artists, Schools & More!

Versatile, lightweight display system for outdoor art festivals.

Plan A – 10′ x 10′ Booth

Pro Panels 10' x 10' Art Display Booth $1264
Standard Leg
Plus Shipping

Adjustable Leg
+6 Tent Hooks
Plus Shipping

This Package Contains:
9 38.5” Pro Panels (6’ or 7’) 6 Stiffeners
2 2-in-1 Support Bars 2 L Stiffeners
Pro Panels collapsible desks, pedestals and print bins
Pro Panels Haul-It-All Cart Pro Panels Gallery Style Cable Hanging System Pro Panels Lighting - LED Bulb and Fixture
Pro Panels Knock Down Display System Pro Panels Lightweight School Display Boards


Art festival veterans and newcomers alike have consistently found great value investing in a Pro Panels display system. For those starting out, our art display panels present your artwork in a professional manner, improving your booth shots and increasing your chances of being accepted into high-end art festivals. For seasoned art show veterans, you’ll appreciate not only the quality and polished look, but the sturdy, lightweight design that allows for a quick and easy set-up and tear-down.

We’re proud of what we do here and find great happiness in the continual reported success of our customers. Since 1988, thousands of satisfied Pro Panels customers have found our art display panels consistently increases sales. With six different colors to choose from, endless configuration options and an array of add-ons, Pro Panels enable you to tailor your booth space to your liking and create a look that best represents your work in both indoor and outdoor festival settings.

Thanks to their versatility, sturdy construction and lightweight design, Pro Panels are also a fantastic display choice for schools and libraries. They can function as permanent classroom display boards as well as be easily moved for district art festivals and temporary displays exhibiting student artwork, bulletins, announcements, awards, posters, science fair projects, calendars, etc. Lightweight items such as paper, posterboard and foamboard simply Velcro or pin onto the panels, while heavier pieces such as framed artwork hook over the top using one of our heavy-duty hanging systems.

The options are not limited there. Museums, galleries, art leagues, conventions, corporations, non-profits and retailers have all benefited from using our display system. We encourage you to browse our Pinterest photos below for examples and contact us with any questions you may have.

What Our Customers Say...
Jane HBosque, NM
"We bought our ProPanels used, and we love them. They're lightweight, sturdy, easy to set up, and they give our displays that essential professional look. We like the high rise stabilizer bar too, to keep our name from obscuring our work. Thanks!"

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Karen CCarrollton, TX
"I love my propanels. They have so far lasted me 6+ years and they still look fantastic!"

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Danny DHaltom City, TX
I wanted to send you a note to tell you how incredibly pleased we are with your product! We purchased 60 panels and 5 carts this year and recently did our first set up for a district-wide show. The process was amazingly simply due to the great design. ...

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Michael TPaducha, KY
"Wanted to compliment you for the great customer service and the prompt arrival of the shelves! Great great great working with you folks and, if you didn't make such fine products, I'd get to work with you more often!"

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Dakota RCanon, CO
"Good grief have these shipped already? You guys are phenomenal! Thanks!"

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Brad W
"I got all the things you mentioned last Friday.  Thank you!  I appreciate it greatly.  When I first saw your panels at a neighbors display last January, he mention you were great to work with, and accommodated a friend of his when he had a problem.  I can attest to ...

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Greg SN. Easton, MA
"I just wanted to drop a quick line of thanks. Your company’s product is excellent and is matched with the A+ customer service. Your quick attention to the shipping problem was expedient, professional and done with sincerity. It was a pleasure to deal with you and everyone ...

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James GDayton, OH
"Thank you for the quick service. The panels are fantastic!"

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Galen TFairfield, CA
"In 2013, I started to appear and sell my art at art festivals. My first time showcasing my art was in May. I was blown away for being invited to the art festival, but totally unprepared for the preparation and needs to display my art.Fortunately, the event’s promoter helped me ...

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Kim CIndialantic, FL
"I am so happy with your product and just wanted to let you know. I will be ordering more pieces in the future. Many thanks to you, Mick & David for fantastic customer service and a wonderful, well made product!!"

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  • Sandy Lehman
  • Cherie Haney
  • Holly Sue Foss Art
  • Julie Keaton-Reed
  • Maryann Schmidt
  • Danton Rezos
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Greg Barnes
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