Create an elegant, professional gallery look in just a matter of minutes with our easy Pro Panels set-up. Since 1988, thousands of satisfied Pro Panels customers have found the quality and appearance of our display system consistently increases sales.

All these Designs and More Perfect 10 x 10 Solutions
This versatile package offers the flexibility of many different booth designs.

“The Flex” $1333
W/Standard Leg
Plus Shipping
W/Adjustable Leg
Plus Shipping
This Package Contains:
9-38.5” Pro Panels (6’ or 7’) 6-Straight Stiffeners
3-L Stiffeners 1-T Stiffeners
3-2-in-1 Support Bars
Also Available in Knock Down Panels
6′ Standard Leg $1840 + Shipping
6′ Adjustable Leg $2200 + Shipping
7′ Standard Leg $1960 + Shipping
7′ Adjustable Leg $2320 + Shipping