Running our lighting system off of a battery

Let There Be Light!
ProPanels devotes a lot of energy to finding efficient ways to light our booths, and more importantly, your artwork! Recently we have been introduced to some really exciting LED technology that is finally energy efficient enough to make running our lights off of a battery possible. To test it, we took an old 12-volt battery and charger that we had laying around and a power inverter and gave it a try. The results were so promising that we decided to dig further.

Keep in mind:
While we do sell an excellent LED lighting set-up, we don’t sell the components needed to run it off of a battery – this is just information to help you acquire the necessary hardware. If you have further questions after reading, please contact

Update on our LED lighting system

Our lighting manufacturer recently discontinued the LED bulb we happily sold for 4 years. This gave us the opportunity to reassess the current state of LED technology. During our quest to find a quality replacement, we took another look at the best approach for lighting artwork while displayed on our Pro Panels system.

Here is a quick overview of what we learned during the process: (more…)

Choosing Your Pro Panels Color

One of the most common questions we receive here at Pro Panels is “which color should I choose for my booth?” Some people have a clear-cut image in their mind of how they’d like their display to look. Others become overwhelmed by the number of options and fear they’ll make a mistake and choose the wrong color. Although it’s easy to just order the most popular color, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the color that will best represent your work.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when determining which color to order:

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