Do you accept Purchase Orders?
We do accept POs from schools and government agencies. If you are a new customer, please call or email for our assistance in getting set up.
Can you email me a quote?
Yes, please email a list of what you’re interested in along with the shipping address to We will respond with an itemized quote that includes shipping. Or you can add items to the shopping cart and request a quote on the checkout page.
Are you members of any co-ops such as BuyBoard?
No, to keep our prices as low as possible, we only sell direct. Our products are not available through catalogs, retailers or co-ops. Most districts just require a copy of our W9 to set us up as a vendor. Others districts have more extensive requirements. Please contact your Purchasing Department to find out what the requirements for your district are. We are a sole-source provider, which may allow you to forgo the bid process. Also, many districts are able to piggyback off other nearby districts that we have done business with previously.
Will push pins work on Pro Panels?
Yes, push pins (thin items) and T-pins (thicker items) both work well. Staples will not work on our panels.
Will Velcro work on Pro Panels?
Yes, hook Velcro sticks directly onto the panel (the carpeted panel surface acts as the Loop side.)
How do we hang heavier pieces with wires on the back?
We offer a number of different hangers to accommodate artwork that can’t be hung with pins or Velcro. To see what we offer, please visit our Hanging Systems page.)
How much do the panels weigh?
7′ x 38.5″ Original Pro Panels weigh 14 lbs. The 30″ wide is 11lbs.
How do the panels hook together?
Each panel comes with two of our special strap fasteners attached. You simply wrap this strap around the tubular leg of two adjoining panels and pull it tight. This allows you to position the panels at any angle you wish.
Can one panel stand alone?
No, you must have at least two panels positioned at an angle.
Are your panels double sided?
Yes, our panels have usable display space on the front and back. The backside of the panel has the seam slightly offset from the side and a small label at the bottom.
Do your panels have wheels/casters?
No, our panels are designed to be very light-weight, so casters are not needed.
Do you offer sales or discounts?
Over the years, we’ve been approached many times by distributors hoping to sell our panels.  We’ve stayed true to our policy of selling direct to the public to avoid additional mark up charges and keep the prices as low as possible.  By continuing to stay efficient in our operations, we’ve been able to avoid unnecessary price increases as material costs rise. We’re often asked about discounts or promotions on our product. Because we don’t pad our prices in order to give the illusion of a good deal, we don’t offer sales or discounted rates. That means you can always feel confident when purchasing from us that you’re getting your panels at the lowest possible cost.
Do you need a copy of our tax exemption form?
Only from schools in Texas.
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