Pro Panels Instructional Videos will help you take the guesswork out of setting up your Original Pro Panel Booth, Knock Down Panel Booth, Pro Desk, Print Bin, lighting, or Haul It All Cart. We’ve even included a helpful video showing how to fix bent pipe on Knock Down Panels as well as a video instructing you on how to install the Retrofit Kit. Please scroll down to view. If you prefer written instructions, you can find those in PDF form on the downloads page of our website.

Introduction to ProPanels – 2:40

10 x 10 Booth Set-up – 3:48

How to Assemble Knock Down Panels – 3:24

Haul It All Cart – 1:41

How to Assemble the Desk and Mini Desk – 1:41

Tent Hook – :43

Track Lighting Assembly – 1:10

Installing the Telescoping Leg Retro Fit Kit – 3:03

ProPanels Print Bin Assembly – 1:13

ProPanels Adjustable Print Bin – 2:26

ProPanels Hanging Systems – 1:37

Knock Down Panel Coupler Repair – :33

ProPanels Freight Receiving – 3:50

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