Haul It All Cart


• Large 32″ x 21″ platform features a flat top design and safety grip pads.

• Fully assembled, the cart measures approx. 40.5″ tall x 35″ x 23″.

• Boxed weight is 65 lbs. The cart base and wheels are approximately 30 lbs and the handles combined are approximately 30 lbs.

• Holds up to 12 panels (Original Pro Panels or Knock Downs).

• Convertible Handles that easily disconnect to change from a panel cart to a platform cart or a flat dolly.

• Adjustable security strap included.

• Large 6″ Casters – Makes navigating even the toughest terrain a breeze, even going over curbs. 2 casters swivel and lock and 2 are fixed making steering effortless.

• Non-pneumatic tires never need air.

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