Quick Shelf $40 Shelf w/Brackets

Pro Panels Quick Shelf We have developed a simple way to add shelving to your Pro Panels. The Pro Quick Shelf uses leverage to clamp on to the edge of your panel. These brackets have been tested and will easily hold 20 lbs. You can move them up and down the edge of your panel anywhere there is carpet. Space them however you’d like and add as many as you can use. Of course, when using multiple shelves, make sure to use adequate Support Bars and Stiffeners. We are excited that these Pro Quick Shelf brackets will add flexibility to your display. The brackets are painted the same silver vein color as our other accessories. The shelves are 1/2 inch birch plywood covered in any of our standard carpet colors. Order them the same width of the panel you will be using them with and choose from 10 or 12 inch depths.

Brackets Only – $20 pair


NEW! Ladder Tree – $285

Our new Ladder Tree comes with 7 shelves and your choice of a 6′ or 7′ ladder. A telescoping ladder can be substituted for an additional $30. Additional shelves can be purchased as well for $30 each. Shelves measures 14″ deep x 10″ wide x 2″ high and can hold up to 10 lbs each.


Ladder Shelving System $75 per Ladder – $35 per Shelf

The Ladder Shelving System is a creative and flexible way to add multiple shelves to your panels. Each ladder has 9 rungs spaced 8″ apart to accommodate shelves at different heights. The powder coated frame comes in the same durable silver vein finish as our other accessories. The shelves have grooves on the bottom to help secure them in place as well as a locking lip on the front for added stability. Each shelf is 13″ deep.

Locking Ladder Shelf – $35 ea
Ladder-$75 ea (2 required for first section)
Telescoping Leg Ladder-$105 ea

Knock Down Ladders available at a longer lead time (approx. 2 weeks)
$85 (standard 6′ or 7′)
$115 (6′ or 7′ with Telescoping Legs)


Corner Shelf $205

Pro Panels Corner Shelving Unit Our Corner Shelving Unit is an excellent way to utilize the corners of your booth. This unit features 3 heavy duty triangular shelves that are 42 1/2″ wide across the front, 19″ deep and 30″ wide along the panel. The unit is 59″ tall and the shelves are about 22″ apart.The unit consists of 2 metal frames powder coated to match all of our other metal parts and the shelves can be ordered in any of our six carpet colors.This unit is compact enough to be shipped via UPS.


Freestanding Shelf Unit $280

Pro Panels Free Standing Ladder Kit Our Free Standing Shelving unit is an adaptation of our ladder shelving system. This unit consists of 2-5′ ladders, 1-back frame and 3-30″ locking ladder shelves. The shelves for this item have been redesigned for added stability. The overall dimensions are 59″ tall X 31 inches wide and 15″ deep. This item is small enough to be shipped by UPS when boxed. The shelves can be ordered in any of our six colors and additional shelves can be purchased for $35 each.