Replacement Parts


Strap Fastener

Pro Panels Strap Fastener

The Strap Fastener is used to connect one panel to another. Use on both the top and bottom of your Pro Panels.


Pro Panels Coupler

This solid metal coupler is used to connect the top and bottom halves of the Knock Down Panels together and to connect the extenders to the top of your panels. It is also used in the Banner Bar, Print Bin Hoops and Risers.


Leather Connector

Pro Panels Leather Connector

The leather connector is slipped over the couplers of 2 adjacent Knock Down Panels. This holds the middle of the Knock Down Panels together.

Insert $0.50 ea
Leveler $0.50 ea
sold separately


Pro Panels Insert and Leveler

The leveler is an octagonal black plastic foot that screws into the insert on the frame leg for height adjustment of about an inch.

The insert is the threaded nylon piece that is inserted into the frame leg. This is the piece that the leveler screws into.

S Hooks
$0.50 /bag of 5

Pro Panels S Hooks

S Hooks are installed into the holes of the anchor hanger and hanger extensions to hold your artwork.

Hitch Pin

Pro Panels Hitch Pin

The Hitch Pin is a formed wire clip that is used to hold the sides of a desk, print bin and outdoor pedestal together at the top.


Telescoping Panel Leg
$12.50 per leg

Pro Panels Telescoping Leg
This is a replacement leg only for the panels already fitted for the telescoping leg option. To convert panels without the telescoping leg option, you’ll need the Retro Fit Kit.

Priced per leg. Each panel requires 2.