Pro Panels Booth Lighting for Artwork

LED Track Lighting

• LED Bulb – $30 (3500k)
• Fixture – $20
• 4′ Black Track – $15
•15′ Black Cord End – $15
• Track and Cord Combo – $25

Suggested Lighting Set-ups

10′ Wall Set-up – $165
2-Black Track Light Fixtures
2-LED Bulbs
1-4′ Black Track
1-15′ Black Cord End
1-Pair Light Bars

10′ x 10′ Booth Set-up (6 Bulb) – $495
6-Black Track Light Fixtures
6-LED Bulbs
3-4′ Black Tracks
3-15′ Black Cord Ends
3-Pair Light Bars

10′ x 10′ Booth Set-up (9 Bulb) – $645
9-Black Track Light Fixtures
9-LED Bulbs
3-4′ Black Tracks
3-15′ Black Cord Ends
3-Pair Light Bars

Please call to inquire about substituting a 3-prong, grounded cord end.

Wanting A Battery Powered System??
Click the battery for information about our 12-volt battery test.


Light Bars
$40 pair

• Quickly attaches track lighting to your Pro Panels by slipping over top panel post.

• Telescope out from 25″ to 42″ and place the track between 11″-15″ higher than the panel.

• Velcro strap to hold track in place.

• Will support up to an 8′ track and several light heads.

• Track and light fixtures not included.

Light Bar Adapter
$25 ea

• Adds a faux top post to your panel to create an additional spot for a Light Bar.

• U channel metal bracket is finished in silver vein.

• Hole in the middle to allow the panel post to slip through.

• Can be used at the end of your booth or in between 2 panels.

• For maximum support, we recommend using the original panel post for your Support/Banner Bar and the faux post for your Light Bar.

Light Bar Bag
$25 (our color choice) $30 (your color choice)

• Carry up to 6 sets of Light Bars.

• 38″ long and 12″ deep.

• Made with two strap handles.

• Excellent for transporting your other accessories such as tent hooks, stiffeners and hanging systems.

•  Made from the same durable indoor/outdoor carpet we use on our panels.

Lighting Bag (track, bulbs and fixtures)
$35 (our color choice) $40 (your color choice)

• Holds up to 3 4′ long tracks with cord ends, 9 fixture and bulbs.

• 56″ long and 13″ deep.

• Made from the same durable indoor/outdoor carpet we use on our panels.

*Also useful for storing and transporting Extra-short, Short and 2in1 Support Bars. We do not recommend putting support bars in the same bag with lighting.

What we have learned about lighting…

For the 30 plus years of participating in art shows as well as supplying panels, booth lighting has always been a difficult problem to solve. There are many variables to consider when looking into the best way to light your booth. We feel that the latest LED technology has finally developed enough to offer solutions.

Every element of this package has been evaluated and chosen for its ability to work well with not only Pro Panels, but to fulfill the needs of the artist.

If you are looking to buy a lighting system that is dependable, cost effective and high quality, this will be the only lighting system that you will need to buy.

Features and benefits of our New LED lighting system:

Bulb and Fixture Design:
The cornerstone of this system is the 14-watt Par30 bulb that features a cluster of 60 individual, high efficiency, and low power LED’s. An optical lens is then placed over the LED’s to control the beam angle, shape and smoothness of the light. Other LED technology uses fewer, high power LED’s that can cause uneven light and hot spots. Until recently, wattage has been used to determine the amount of light a bulb would produce. With newer technology, lumens is a better measurement to evaluate a bulb’s brightness. In choosing a bulb for lighting your artwork, more lumens are not always better. In a booth set-up, your light source is fairly close to the artwork. Too many lumens can cause your work to look washed out. Too few and you lose the detail. Our bulb delivers around 900 lumens at a 60-degree beam angle. This high tech design delivers a visually pleasing appearance by projecting a glare free, smooth beam pattern, much like traditional lighting.The fixture that we chose is a simple yet stylish lamp holder. It features flexible bellows that fit snugly to any bulb design.

Wattage Use:
The beauty of LED technology is the energy efficiency of the bulb. Our bulb only uses 14 watts of electricity as compared to a halogen that is usually around 50 watts, which also means more heat. If a venue only allows 300 watts per booth that means that you can have 21 LED’s bulbs in your booth versus only 6-50 watt halogen.

LED bulbs do not put off nearly as much heat as a standard high wattage bulb or halogen. This can make the temperature in your booth much more comfortable.

Light Color/Temperature:
The color of light is measured on the Kelvin (k) scale, the higher the number the whiter the light. Artificially reproducing natural light is important to the overall presentation of your artwork. We offer a 3500k bulb, which is slightly warm.

Durability/Bulb Life:
The bulb that we use offers a 3-year warranty and suggested life of 25,000 hours. That is over 11 years of using the bulb 6 hours a day, every day of the year. Also LED bulbs are much more durable than a regular light bulb as there is no filament or globe to break.

No Infrared or UV rays:
Infrared and UV rays can cause your artwork to fade over time. LED lights do not emit any harmful IR or UV rays.

Track and 15′ Cord:
Our track is a durable black 3-conductor 4′ track that works with many types and brands of fixtures. The cord end allows the track to plug into any standard electrical outlet and has a convenient 15 ft. long cord.