Knock Down & Space Saver Pro Panels

Knock Down Pro Panels are an elegant, affordable and lightweight way to display art in art festivals, trade shows, schools, museums and exhibit spaces. They are simple to set up and tear down. Plus, they’re incredibly flexible to accommodate a variety of different booth designs. Both sides of the panels are finished with usable hanging space. Each panel connects to the next with the provided strap fasteners that wrap around the upper and lower legs, allowing you to hinge in any direction.

Knock Down Pro Panels in Moonbeam

Knock Down Panels
From $145 ea (2 panels shown)

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• One Knock Down (KD) Pro Panel consists of a top and a bottom.

• Break down small enough to be transported in a car or SUV.

• Can be shipped via small package carriers such as UPS.

• Up to three panels can ship in one box.

6′ Knock Down – From $145 ea
2 stacking sections for total 77″ height.
25″ or 30″ wide – $145
38.5″ wide – $165 (ships freight)

7′ Knock Down – From $155 ea
2 stacking sections for total 83.5″ height.
25.5″ or 30″ wide – $155
38.5″ wide – $175 (ships freight)

8′ Knock Down – From $175 ea
2 stacking sections for total 94″ height
25.5″ or 30″ wide – $175
38.5″ Wide – $195 (ships freight)

Space Saver Panels
$170 ea (2 panels shown)

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• Portability of a Knock Down and the 38.5″ width of our Original Pro Panel.

• Includes

• Breaks down small enough to ship UPS.

• Display area measures 65″ high by 38.5″ wide.

• 18″ high panel skirts are available for $15/ea.

Space Saver Panel
30″ wide $155 ea
38.5″ wide $170 ea

Telescoping Leg Extensions
adds $30 to price of panel

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• Telescoping leg option that adds up to 12″ of height onto any panel.

• Allows for more flexibility on uneven surfaces and tricky outdoor booth set-ups.

• A Retro-Fit kit is available to convert your existing panels. (See below)

• Not available for 8′ KD

Click here for more details on the telescoping leg option.

Telescoping Retro-Fit Kit
$35 per panel

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• Permanently converts your existing Pro Panels to the telescoping leg style.

• Adds up to 12″ of height onto any panel

• Allows for easier set up outdoors by giving you more versatility on uneven ground.

• A kit contains 2 legs, 2 couplers, 1 install tool with cutting guide and easy to follow instructions.

• Please specify the type of panel you have when ordering.

• Unfortunately these will not fit our 8 ft Knock Down panels.

The instructions can also be downloaded here.


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• Add 20” of vertical display space to the top of your panels.

• Can be used with our Original Pro Panels, Knock Down Panels and Space Savers.

• *If you have 8’ Knock Downs, please make sure to specify that to us at the time you place the order, so we can make a necessary adjustment.

• We make extenders in all widths, including custom sizes.

Panel Skirts
From $10

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• Adds a finishing touch to the bottom of your Pro Panels.

• Velcro is sewn to the back of the skirt making them easy to position.

• Made to match the width of your panels.

18″ tall $15 ea

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