Hanging Systems

Pro Panels hanging systems accommodate a wide range of sizes, weights and hanging types. Whether you're exhibiting photographs, paintings, mixed media, ceramic wall pieces, metal art, posters, foam board signage or any other type of 2-dimensional piece, we've got a hanger that will work for you.

For a quick overview of our hanging systems click on the video below.


Cable Hanger
From $12 ea

• Stainless steel, high-tensile aircraft cable. Each cable comes with one chrome plated, adjustable grip.

• Multiple grips can be added on a cable to utilize the entire panel height.

• Each cable holds up to 50 lbs.

• Simple push button on top of Grip to adjust height and lock into place.

• Grips are about 3" long and stick out from the panel 1". Inside of top hook measures 1" wide.

18" long - $12 ea
48" long - $14 ea
72" long - $16 ea (for 8' tall + panels)

18" long - $14 ea
48" long - $16 ea
72" long - $18 ea (for 8' tall + panels)

Extra Grip- $7 ea (silver only)

Cable Caddy
$25 (our color choice) $30 (your color choice)

• Great way to store and organize your Cable Hangers, keeping them tangle free.

• Velcro straps to secure the cables in place.

• Pouch at the bottom to keep the loose ends from tangling.

• Loop at the top allows the caddy to conveniently hang from panel post during setup.

• Rolls into neat bundle.

$25 (we choose the color)
$30 (you choose the color)

Anchor Hanger - $8
Hanger Kit - $20

• Anchor is 5/8" wide and 14" long,

• Extensions are 15" long.

• Kit consists of 1 Anchor and 2 Extensions equaling 44".

• Pieces hook together, allowing you to hang from the top to the bottom of the panel.

• Hang from S Hooks, which you place in holes spaced 2" apart

• Holds up to 50 lbs per S Hook.

Hanger Kit (44") - $20
1 Anchor Hanger  (14")
2 Hanger Extensions (15" ea)
5 S Hooks

Anchor Hangers (14") - $8 ea
Hanger Extensions (15") - $6 ea



Hanger Posts
$6 bag of 10

• 2 part metal posts that can be inserted into Anchor Hanger or Hanger Extension as an alternative to S Hooks.

• Hold up to 20lbs.

• Head diameter 7/16", Post diameter 1/4", comes out 3/8" from hanger.

• Screwdriver needed for tightening.

Gridwall Hangers
$20 pair

• Allows you to use gridwall pieces on your Pro Panel walls to display items such as clothing, belts, handbags, and hats.

• Gridwall not included.

• Works with most gridwall brands.


Drapery Hooks
$4 bag of 25

Go directly into the carpet, allowing you to display your artwork without a visible hanger behind it.

Use selectively, as some pieces will leave puckered marks in the carpet when hung on a drapery hook.  To better maintain the life and appearance of your panels, consider using either the Hanger Kit or the Cable Hanger.

Small Pro Clips
$10 bag of 25

Clear plastic clips with Velcro® backing. Measure 1" wide. Perfect for holding sheets of paper, posters and single ply mat board.

Large Pro Clips
$14 bag of 12

3" clear channel with Velcro® backing for up to 1/4" foam core board or mats


Velcro® Dots
$40 Roll

Dots are available in 1/2" and 7/8" sizes. Please specify when ordering.

1/2" - Qty 1440
7/8" - Qty 900

Great for schools and artists wanting to display lightweight items such as price tags and artist bios.