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General Product Questions

Do you have online ordering?
No. Please call for further explanation.

How much do the panels weigh?
Standard Pro Panels weigh 11lbs. in the 30″ width and 14 lbs. in the 38.5″ width. KD Pro Panels weigh 12.5 to 15 lbs. per complete unit (upper and lower sections plus hardware).

How do the panels hook together?
Each panel comes with two of our special strap fasteners attached. You simply wrap this strap around the tubular leg of an adjoining panel and pull it tight. This allows you to position the panels at any angle you wish.

Can one panel stand alone?
No, you must have at least two panels positioned at an angle.

How do I hang art work on the panels?
Drapery hooks, which hook right into the carpet are good for lightweight pieces (No more than 10 lbs). Please use these with caution, as they can leave puckered marks in the carpet. Our Hanger Kit and Cable Hanger are designed for heavier pieces and will hold up to 50 lbs per hook.

Are the panels fire-proof?
The carpet we use is a Class A rated material and will pass fire codes. The frame is steel and will not burn. If you attend shows in halls that require documentation, ask us to provide fire information at the time you place your order. The panels do not have a “fire-retardant” sprayed on them. It is water soluble and would wash out the first time your panels got wet.

What is your return policy?
Any regular merchandise may be returned within 30 days from the ship date. Returned items could be subject to a 20% restocking fee and must be received in new condition. Original shipping charges will not be refunded and the customer is responsible for making their own return shipping arrangements. Payment will be refunded in the same manner as the original purchase was made. After 30 days, please contact Pro Panels to see if the product is eligible for a refund.
Custom Orders: All sales are final on custom orders. No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted on custom items.

What products should I order?

What’s the difference between standard Pro Panels and KD Pro Panels?
Standard Pro Panels are one piece panels that come in two standard widths, 30″ & 38.5″ and three heights , 6′, 7′ & 8′. The standard Pro Panels are shipped via a freight carrier.

KD (Knock Down) Pro Panels are two piece panels that have an upper and lower section. They are available in 6′, 7′ & 8′ heights and three standard widths of 25.5″, 30″ and 38.5″.

25.5″ and 30″KD Pro Panels can be shipped via UPS. 38.5″ KDs have to ship via a freight carrier.

What is the difference between 6′ and 7′ Original Pro Panels if the cost is the same?
The covers on our 6′ and 7′ Original Pro Panels are identical. The legs on the 7′ are just longer at the bottom, placing the selling area more at eye level. 6′ panels are primarily used by artists doing mall shows, where there is a height restriction, or by someone with a smaller vehicle that won’t handle the 7′ panels. Eye level selling space is prime real estate! You are at a show to sell your work. Use that space wisely.

What do stiffeners do?
Stiffeners are a strengthening device to help keep panels in a straight line. They fit over the top of two panels at the junction. They are made from a piece of channel steel with a hole in the top for the 2 adjoining legs to slide through. The channel is then pushed over the top of the 2 panels, which holds them in a straight line. The stiffener is about 9″ long and powder coated silver vein.

What are support bars and banner bars used for and how are they different?
Support bars are the best way to stabilize your panels. They telescope to differing lengths and have a thumb screw to tighten them. At each end is a short tube that will fit around a leg at the top of the panel.  Banner bars are very similar. Instead of short tubes on the end that attach to the panel tops, they have an 8″ tall tube that raises them above the top of the panels. Banner Bars are good for signage or track lighting. Banner Bars are also best for the 6′ Pro Panels or KD Pro Panels because the tops of the 6′ panels are about 75″ (6’3″). If your use a long support bar, for instance, tall customers must duck or hit their head. The banner bar provides additional head room.

What if I already have a Pro Panel system and want to add shelves?
Our Quick Shelf is easy to use can be added to your panels at any time. It comes with a set of brackets that wrap around either side of the panel and utilizes the weight of the shelf itself to stay in place. They hold up to 25 lbs each.

The Ladder Shelving system is made with the same pipe your panel frames are made from and are painted silver vein. You attach the ladders to the panel and tighten the strap fasteners at the top and the bottom. Then you lay the shelves on one of the 9 ladder rungs, between 2 ladders. The shelves have specials grooves cut into the bottom so they sit on the rungs and stabilize the unit. If you wanted to have 2 panels with this shelving system, next to each other you would only need to buy 3 of the ladders. (see pictures on shelving page for details and examples)

Please note, the Quick Shelves and Ladder Shelves are made differently and are not interchangeable.

Pricing/Shipping Information

Do you offer sales or discounts?
Over the years, we’ve been approached many times by distributors hoping to sell our panels.  We’ve stayed true to our policy of selling direct to the public to avoid additional mark up charges and keep the prices as low as possible.  By continuing to stay efficient in our operations, we’ve been able to avoid unnecessary price increases as material costs rise. We’re often asked about discounts or promotions on our product. Because we don’t pad our prices in order to give the illusion of a good deal, we don’t offer sales or discounted rates. That means you can always feel confident when purchasing from us that you’re getting your panels at the lowest possible cost.

How much do the panels cost?
Our best selling panel is $120. It takes 9 of these to do the perimeter of a 10″ x 10″ booth. With stiffeners, support bars and freight, the cost is about $1400 for a booth. Of course, you can design booths much more creatively than just a perimeter wall. Prices for panels range from $105 to $220 each.

How do I pay for my panels and can I order them from your website?
At this time, we are not accepting orders from the website, but you may order by the phone. Our number is 800-525-4159. You can download the order form and fax it as well. We accept Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover credit cards. You may also pay by check or PayPal. We need your complete order to estimate freight charges. Please note that the original Pro Panels have to be shipped via a freight company. Freight companies charge minimums, so shipping 1 or 2 panels costs the same as shipping a booth of 9.

How long does it take and how much is the freight?
To get a definite answer on how long it will take to produce your order please give us a call at 800-525-4159, to check on our current production schedule. Custom orders can take a little more time than standard items. General lead time on carpeted items is 2-3 weeks, but if you have a show coming up soon please call us; We have an excellent record of making things happen on a tight time frame. For small package shipments, there are expedited shipping options available. KD Pro Panels can be shipped UPS, while standard Pro Panels must be shipped by a freight carrier. It may cost the same to ship one panel as it would to ship an entire booth We would have to know exactly what your order is, and where it is to be shipped, to accurately estimate the cost of freight.


How do I clean my panels?
If you want to stand your panels up and hose them down, that is perfectly safe. Just make sure you leave them out long enough to dry all the way through. For spot cleaning, most biodegradable cleaners like Simple Green, LOC or NOW will clean out most spots. Spot removers like 2KR will take out greasy spots. We find that blowing with air from an air compressor cleans out the dust from shows the best.

Can I carry Pro Panels unprotected on top of my car or truck?
Don’t do it! The wind will distort the fabric and bugs are hard to get off. If you cover them with a tarp to protect them from the wind and dirt, you’ll be okay. It is not imperative that you protect them from rain since the panels dry out quickly.

Will rain or sun hurt the panels?
The carpet is polypropylene, which is a plastic material and won’t mildew if it gets wet, and drains out in about one hour. Rain won’t hurt the foam and the steel is galvanized. The only thing that might rust is the weld. The material won’t fade in the sun, but it will soften, so don’t use them in the direct sunlight without a canopy if you plan to use drapery hooks to hang your work. The material will get stiff in cool and cold weather. Avoid storing your panels in a hot car. The heat generated in a hot car can reach 140 or 150 degrees and will warp the foam. The carpet is very durable, won’t rip, and is easy to clean.

How long will my panels last?
You should be able to do hundreds of shows with them, unless you are hard on equipment. Handle them reasonably and they will serve your for a long time.

Can I replace the covers?
Yes, for standard Pro Panels, but consider selling your old panels and replacing them with new ones. There is a good market for used panels. The cost of a cover is about one-half the cost of a new panel. It takes two people and some strength to take off the old covers and replace them. If you want to sell your used panels, visit our User Forum.