Pro Panel Cart and Extras

The Haul It All Cart, Panel Storage Bags and Ditty Bags will make your life easier and keep your booth looking new for years to come.

Haul It All Cart

• Large Surface – 32″ x 21″ platform features a flat top design and safety grip pads.

• Fully assembled, the cart measures approx. 40.5″ tall x 35″ x 23″

• Boxed weight is 65 lbs. The cart base and wheels are approximately 30 lbs and the handles combined are approximately 30 lbs.

• Holds up to 12 panels.

• Convertible Handles that easily disconnect to change from a panel cart to a platform cart or a flat dolly.

• Large 6″ Casters – Makes navigating even the toughest terrain a breeze, even going over curbs. 2 casters swivel and lock and 2 are fixed making steering effortless.

Cart and Panel Storage Cover

• Made from a heavy duty polyester.

• Each bag can cover up to 12 panels and the cart.

• Fits both 6′ and 7′ panels.

Bag color may vary


Original Panel Storage Cover

• Made from a heavy duty polyester.

• Feature a zipper closure on the side and a Velcro closure along the bottom.

• Holds up to 3 6′ or 7′ Original Pro Panels.

Bag color may vary


KD Panel Storage Cover (Knock Downs, Space Savers, Desks, Bins & Pedestals)

• Made from a heavy duty polyester.

• Each bag can hold up to 2 Knock Down Panels (4 pieces total – 2 tops/2bottoms).

• Available in 30″ and 38.5″ widths


Bag color may vary


Ditty Bags
From $10

Small Ditty Bag $10
Use for Couplers, Connectors and Cable Hangers. 7.5″ x 7.5″

Medium Ditty Bag $15
Use for Stiffener and Hanger Kits. 9.5″ x 16.5″

Large Ditty Bag $15
Use for Tent Hooks. 9.5″ x 21.5″