Art Rail Hanging System

The new Art Rail Hanging System is a great way to hang your artwork on a wall with nails or hangers.

• Features an 80" long aluminum track that permanently mounts to your wall.

• Stainless steel aircraft cables slide into the track to make moving your artwork simple.

• Grips can be easily re-positioned anywhere along length the cable.

• Plastic rail cover can be painted to match your wall for a more professional appearance.

• Multiple rails can be installed end to end to make a longer run or can be cut to fit a particular area.

The kit consists of:
1-80" Aluminum Rail
1-Paintable Rail Cover and End Caps
4-60" Long Cables
8-Cable Grips

Additional parts can also be purchased
80" Rail with Cover and End Caps - $40
60" Rail Cable  with 1 Grip - $12
Extra Grips - $7